2017 Testimonials

What presenters and facilitators said about their experience in the 2017 STEM for All Video Showcase. 


Highly interactive and engaging event

"I think the interaction that this event provided was better than at any live conference I have attended." – Presenter

"I learned about various projects I otherwise would not have been introduced to. It sharpened my sense of what a good short intro video may look like. It allowed me to interact with people I had not interacted with before. I am pleased to be taking part in a project I feel very positive about and which I think adds value as a field building exercise."  Facilitator

"As a presenter, the quality of engagement in the comments was very impressive. The opportunity to make virtual connections and learn from colleagues around the world is always worthwhile particularly when you can do so without physically traveling to a conference." – Presenter

"As a facilitator, it was an opportunity for me to revisit and rethink my perspectives on key program design, implementation, fidelity, replicability and sustainability issues in STEM education."  Facilitator


Value of creating a video

"It teaches you about what it is you truly value in your project when you have only 3 minutes to tell the world about it." – Presenter

"Putting together a video to tell the story of our project was in itself valuable as a way of reflecting on the important elements of the project. The video showcase was a great way to disseminate our project, both internally at our institution, and to external colleagues." – Presenter

"I loved the challenge of reducing our information in this way... I also liked learning and using iMovie and the creative challenges/time associated with that. This video has cross-purpose uses not only for this showcase but also as a wonderful 'overview' we can use for our own media/website as we showcase our curriculum." – Presenter

"Although it certainly took time to create our video, it was a worthwhile exercise to work with our team and determine the essence of our project that we wanted to share with the larger community. It's also nice now having a short video that we can use to help communicate about the project with others (including prospective partners and participants)." – Presenter

"Making the video with our partners was a useful opportunity to step back and think broadly about the project and impact. It was also exciting to discuss the project with people outside of our core team to field their questions and get their ideas. I also appreciated the opportunity to browse other NSF projects and think critically about similarities and differences with our project." – Presenter


Learning about related work in the field

"The videos, especially when gathered together, are a really wonderful way to see what's happening in a way that reading everyone's research papers wouldn't allow for!" – Presenter

"The focused time period to interact with colleagues, and to view the videos of other projects, was a great way to see what else is out there, and to reflect again on our research. It provides you with an overview of the breadth of projects that are funded." – Presenter

"The opportunity to learn about the wide range of STEM projects in the field, particularly the many international collaborations, was very exciting! As a researcher, my awareness can sometimes be grossly limited to the types of projects and programs that are currently funded by the grant portfolios I'm charged with evaluating." – Facilitator

"I was not aware of the variety of projects funded by NSF. The projects and work demonstrated in the showcase was eye-opening." – Facilitator


New contacts and possible future collaborations

"Identifying other projects addressing similar topics may help to facilitate connections with colleagues. I may contact other presenters to discuss a conference symposium proposal." – Presenter

"I got a lot of great feedback, but more importantly, I made some really great connections with others doing similar work." – Presenter

"We received suggestions of multiple organizations and contacts …as well as some organizations developing products … all of whom might be potential collaborators in the future." – Presenter


Reaching new audiences that are interested in using our work

"I found people in K-12 spaces that wanted to use my work, so it served as a networking event." – Presenter

"A participant said the app was exactly what she had been looking for, for her class to work with in the outdoors." – Presenter

"It was exciting to hear people wanting to use our curriculum, and asking how they can get ahold of it, or participate." – Presenter

"Our video was widely viewed and we've had several teachers and administrators contact us via email expressing interest in working with us." – Presenter


Valuable collegial discourse provided new ideas and resources to projects

"The questions were most valuable because they got me to think more deeply about what was interesting about the project, and where the gaps in the research were."  – Presenter

"The video showcase starts conversations and new trains of thought. I would encourage that researchers consider presenting their findings in this format." – Presenter

"We got a sense of what other people value and find interesting, so perhaps it gave us a big of a push for what a subsequent spin-off project might be... and the comments seemed reminiscent of what we might hear as feedback in the publication process at some point. So, it is helpful to have those questions/insights now in order to explain better, or provide supporting information around those areas of concern or interest." – Presenter 

"When folks asked about questions that were deeper than just the project -- for example, about professionalizing the role of a preschool teacher -- the conversation was really interesting. These are big, societal questions, and it shows that just one project cannot do it all, but that together our contributions can make a difference." – Presenter

"We received a lot of positive feedback from others in the STEM education community and as we are at an early stage of our project, that was really motivating to hear!" – Presenter

"There is much to learn from others, and this showcase provides a forum in which to exchange ideas in a casual and convenient way." – Facilitator


Effective dissemination tool

"The video generated excellent awareness and feedback from the broader STEM community." – Presenter

"It produced positive feedback within our project. Participating teachers were excited to see the project profiled in a national venue. – Presenter

"The opportunity for showcasing our work on a global scale, and being able to inform our project through the feedback, was very worthwhile. Perhaps even more important to us in the immediate impact was using the video to showcase our work here locally." – Presenter

"We shared the video showcase broadly along with a call to help us recruit new mentors. Several opportunities for recruiting mentors have come from that message, including invitations to put articles in newsletters and even an invitation to be a part of a podcast interview." – Presenter

"I believe that it is worthwhile to have alternative means of disseminating the great work that NSF promotes." – Presenter

"I shared projects purposefully with many colleagues as a result of participation. There are so many terrific models represented that can help propel additional projects locally in other places. The online, 24/7 aspect, that these will be available long after they go live is especially generative and useful for others to learn from and extend." – Facilitator